When I first started my photography career in October of 2007 I took a moment and fully surrendered it to God. I asked him to bless it and be the center of it. To give me the butterflies with every Wedding and Portrait session I get the honor of photographing and to bless each of my clients beyond their wildest dreams with the images they take away from their experience with CCH Photography. I believe with all my heart that there is truly nothing more important or creative than loving God and people well. Photography is a powerful outlet for me where I get to grow and deeply connect to God's heart and spirit as I serve the ones he loves all the while becoming more loving in the process. I believe his spirit guides me into the sacred moments of your life and journey. My heart is impacted by each person I meet and I come alive hearing your story. Because YOUR story is a gift and these photographs are one way that you can share it with the world.  It's one of my favorite things ever! I feel beyond grateful for the camera in my hand and the big vision and dreams in my heart that come directly from Him. THERE IS MORE!!  And my prayer is that when you see your images you feel loved, beautiful, alive and hopeful in the purpose and incredible plans God has for your life.